Ben Caspersz

Founder & Managing Director

Ben founded Claremont in 2008 as a response to the convergence of PR and digital communications. A trusted advisor to brands, government, charities, start-ups, social enterprises, campaigning organisations and the NHS, Ben has headed up award-winning campaigns in some of London’s top communications agencies.

In his younger days Ben used to be a deejay playing chunky techno and Brazilian drum & bass, though these days can be found downing espresso shots and untangling bugaboos.

Ben's Blog Posts

Low cost film hits homelessness

Tropfest NY 2008 winner, "Mankind Is No Island" by Jason van Gendere This fantastic film about homelessness shows that high budgets are not necessary to make something very powerful. UK Internet traffic to video websites has increased by 40.7% over the last 12 months, according to new research from Hitwise. During February, 1 in every…

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Social Networks Now More Popular than Email


  No matter how much time we grapple with our inbox trying to keep up with all that barrage of never-ending mail, a new report by Nielsen, "Global Faces and Networked Places," claims that Social networks and blogs have become the fourth most popular online activity today. The report features data captured from December 2007 to December 2008…

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Staying sober on social media

Coffee cup

Last week Claremont ran a social media workshop for the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Part of our role was to highlight the huge potential of social media as a tool for communication and engagement. No problem; we reeled off all the usual facts and stats about how social media has exploded on to…

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10 Reasons I'm Not On Facebook


1. I hate the way Facebook uses the word 'friend' - the word has been utterly debased. 2. I don't need it - I'm already well plugged in to the social web via Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, YouTube etc - if people want to engage with me there are loads of routes already in place. Business…

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Google calls time on bullsh*t


I spent the last half an hour trying out Google's new Ngram doo-da. Ngram enables you to search the last couple of century's books and see how many times a particular word or phrase is cited. One click and it creates a graph. It's a wonderful distraction and has great potential for when you need…

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Winning over hearts AND minds for the arts

Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 14.07.23

[Picture courtesy of Dance United] Claremont has been working for some time with the Arts Alliance - an umbrella organisation for arts charities working in prisons and with offenders, be it with dance, theatre, poetry, painting, etc. These are tough times for the arts, tough times for charities generally.  As budgets are squeezed, charities are…

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DJ Duchy shows his fun side to win hearts and minds

Prince Charles shows his skills on the wheels of steel at a youth centre in Toronto, resulting in great pictures and heart-warming applause from the yoof around him. A few days earlier Charles presented the (atrocious) weather on BBC Scotland TV news. Again, great pictures of the Prince being human and having fun. A far…

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Linkedin requests: stranger-danger or stranger-favour?

We did a quick survey to find out 'Would you ever accept a Linkedin request from someone you don't know?' 14 people said No 9 people said Yes There were some interesting comments.  Of the people who said yes, around half said they would do so on the basis that they checked the person's profile…

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The real Olympic legacy? A powerful psychological stimulus

What if the Olympics hadn’t been staged in London and had been awarded to Paris or Moscow instead? What would it be like in London right now? How would we be feeling? I think in our guts we know the answer: miserable. Because, if we’re honest, that’s how it’s been for quite some time. Miserable.…

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Bid candy? Thanks but no thanks

Everyone and everything seems to be bid-tastic at the moment. Here at Claremont we are right in the thick of a load of important bids, not least the government’s Agile Route to Market process – a laudable initiative to open up more contracts to SMEs. The PR behemoth that is Virgin has somehow convinced the…

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From Colombo to Clerkenwell... how Claremont got its name


Claremont Finishing School was a magical place. Indeed, for diplomats and high society types living in Sri Lanka in the 1950s, it was the only place to send their daughters to learn how to conduct themselves at important social gatherings and public functions. Young women were taught all the essential life skills – how to…

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Clarevoyance: 24th September 2012 [audio]

Ana Granger gives the lowdown on what will be hitting the headlines in the next week - from party conference season to the controversial pasty tax. listen to ‘Clarevoyance: September 24th 2012’ on Audioboo

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Culture of quantity over quality is blighting a generation

  The Evening Standard is running a flagship campaign highlighting the plight of London’s young unemployed. It is a huge campaign – the launch covered the first five pages – in response to a huge issue: there are over 120,000 unemployed young people in London and over a million unemployed 16-24s in the UK. For…

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This is the Season of Tough

  There's been a ‘hardening of attitudes’ of late among the Claremont team – drinking lots of coffee, walking faster, cutting to the chase in meetings.  Could it be that this ‘hardening up’ is something of a societal trend? A recent social attitudes survey from NatCen Social Research showed that UK attitudes on immigration and…

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Space exploration on the internet: 5 essential (and less essential) picks

What on earth did space-nerds do before the interweb?  Have a shuffle through the family encyclopaedia or subscribe to National Geographic I expect. These days there are galaxies of cosmic-themed websites, apps and social media goodies to explore.  Here's our pick of the best:   1.  Move over rover, make way for the cosmic big…

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Groovy government brands have been banished. For this government it's all about NWA... Naming With Attitude


    Under the last government, considerable sums of money were spent developing visual identities of government departments and arms-length bodies. Some were resoundingly groovy, others just a bit strange:   [caption id="attachment_2708" align="alignnone" width="760"] Groovy[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2709" align="alignnone" width="224"] Strange[/caption]   A change of government and the age of austerity put a stop to…

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Campaign of the month: Dear Danny, woodland matters…

When there are a lot of edgy campaigns focused on job losses, the Bedroom Tax and cuts to the NHS battling it out for publicity ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), it can be tough to get attention. So, fair play to the Woodland Trust for setting out the economic case for trees and…

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Onwards and upwards, welcome to Claremont's new home


  This week, finally, Claremont made the move in to our new home. We chose to stay in Clerkenwell, just a stone's throw from the bars and lunchtime delights of Exmouth Market. Like many of the buildings in the area, our office was formally a craft workshop and is thought to have been a silversmith…

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Cut the crap! Three great examples of 'No Nonsense' marketing


Marketing professionals have a dizzying array of tactical options at their disposal.   Give them a budget and the chance to 'get creative' and you can be pretty sure they'll get on and do exactly that.   But is there another way?  What happens when organisations choose not to play by the same rules? Here…

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Why I've quit Twitter


#GoodbyeTwitter.  We're over.  It's not you, it's me.  Well, mostly me. I still administer the @claremontcomms account, which is thriving. But since 3rd October @bencaspersz has been languishing alongside 300 million other Twitter accounts in the 'inactive' pile. And, I have to say, it feels good.  Emancipating even. Years ago I rejected Facebook for personal…

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A Thoroughly Unruly Introduction to Claremont

Produced by Ben Caspersz as an informal introduction to Claremont, made with an iPhone and iMovies. The painted logo was produced by Samnet via the stupendously useful website Fivrr. Credit to Major Lazer for their ace track 'Hold The Line'.

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Doing It Right: Why Claremont Is Changing


  I recently took part in a business speed dating event where we were given three minutes to say what our business is, what we are most proud of and what kept us up at night. No problems with the last two, but my response to the question 'what is Claremont?' didn't work at all.  More…

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It's Official: Claremont is the UK's Fastest Growing PR Agency


Well-well-well, who'd have thought it? Fastest growing PR agency of the year! Of course all of us are thoroughly chuffed and I'm personally incredibly proud. It's an accolade loaded with excitement but also, I must say, a shiver of trepidation. Doesn't what goes up have to come down with a clunk? Maybe, but I can…

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Claremont gets a digital and strategy boost

KP HP CM web

As Gorkana reveals today, Claremont has further boosted its senior strategy and digital offering with a trio of new hires. Building on our nomination for specialist agency of the year in the PR Week Awards and after bieng ranked the fastest growing in the UK in the PR Week Top 150 League Table, we're continuing to invest in the…

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The Apple Watch is TMI on an epic scale and I ain't wearing it.


The Apple Watch represents Too Much Information on a new level and I for one won’t be wearing it. I already hate my iPhone - the robber of daydreams - but simply cannot live without it. iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iRefuse to get hooked on yet another Apple product. On my wrist! Has the world gone…

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Claremont is PR Week's Specialist Consultancy of the Year 2014

PR agency of the year

Last night, at a glittering ceremony at Grosvenor House, we heard the amazing news that Claremont is PR Week's Specialist Consultancy of the Year 2014. It is a landmark achievement and the start of a new chapter for the agency. We're all utterly thrilled and on a personal level I am bursting with pride. There are…

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year


That's it for us for 2014. And what a year it's been. If you haven't seen all our blogvent calendar posts, there have been some crackers from the losers of Christmas 2014 to giving back at this time of year. This year we've won a clutch of awards, gained some amazing talent and produced some knockout campaigns covering…

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2015:  the Year of Authenticity


  Jamie Oliver’s latest TV crusade is all about getting us to eat ugly veg. Working with Asda for a trial run, Jamie surveyed punters’ appetites for mutant celery and knobbly new potatoes. “Scuse me darlin’… can I ask whether you’d be up for buying this little beauty for tonight’s dinner?” he asked one lady…

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OPINION: Why I’m going to spoil my vote

Untitled 2

    My vote will make no difference. I live in Hackney North, which is one of the safest Labour seats in the country. I’m disillusioned with the policy choices on offer. With every general election the manifestos seem to get more and more pedestrian. Where are the visions? I don’t believe in the politicians.…

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Four awards in four weeks

Four awards in four weeks

In the last few weeks Claremont has been shortlisted for a number of awards. CONGRATULATIONS to all of the teams and clients who have made this possible with their great work! Here are the awards and campaigns that we've been shortlisted for: PRCA Public Sector Value for Money Campaign of the Year 2015 - Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2015…

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Claremont is IN!

EU Blue Sky

Europe is important to Claremont. With our client the Design Council, we worked directly for the European Commission on the pan-European ‘Design for Europe' campaign. We’ve worked with European tech-startups like Tyba, the Airbnb of SME recruitment. Last year we did work in Copenhagen, Brussels and Milan. Our network of suppliers and partners extends across…

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GOC Appoint Claremont For Contact Lens Safety Campaign

eyes feature

Contact lenses are under appreciated. I’ve worn lenses for over twenty years and have myself fallen in to bad habits when it comes to following the guidelines and caring for my eyes. That's why I'm pleased to announce that we're working with the General Optical Council (the UK regulator for opticians) on their first ever consumer-facing…

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Claremont in government review on mission-led business


Claremont's 'Purpose in Practice' report has been quoted in the government's review of mission-led business. The government report is called 'On A Mission' and looks at the current state of play, vision and recommendations from the advisory panel to the Mission-led Business Review 2016. The review received over 60 responses spanning a variety of businesses,…

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Claremont wins place on government agency roster

Gov comms - web

Claremont has won a place on the government's Communications Services roster as a specialist behaviour change communications agency. The roster process is fiercely contested; over 250 agencies battled it out, with only a handful of behaviour change communications agencies gaining a place. Announcing the results of the contest, the Government Communications Service said: "These companies will now…

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Save The Children and NLT appoint Claremont for behaviour change campaign

Save The Children Behaviour Change

I’m thrilled to announce that we've been appointed by Save the Children and the National Literacy Trust to develop a behaviour change campaign aimed at improving children’s language development. The campaign will target parents from low-income families and, through a series of ‘nudges’, will deliver sustained positive change to children’s home learning environment. We’re honestly chuffed to…

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