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Being smart AND loud – telling the untold story #AfterSeptember11

Last weekend marked the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, in which 2,977 people died. The attacks were widely reported across the media at the time and it is still the most high-profile attack on a first world country ever. What hasn’t been widely reported was the increase in Islamophobia in America in the 12 months following the attacks….

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How Claremont changed my mind about PR agencies

“I’d never want to work for a PR agency!” Before I discovered Claremont Communications this is what I always said to people who, in relation to my next career step, would ask, “have you ever considered working in an agency?” My opinion of agencies was that you worked incredibly hard (I have no problem with…

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PR and One to One Marketing working together


On the 15th of last month we had our third PRCA Charities event and this time the group covered a specific area of collaboration. Our first guest speaker, Maxine Horsman from Tangible shared her experience from the remarkable PR and One to One marketing collaboration used in the 70th anniversary of the D Day landings for British Legion….

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Voting is daunting – give young people a break

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 18.05.51

A big pink bus didn’t make me vote. Joey Essex interviewing various MPs was hilarious, but it didn’t make me vote. Granted, I did have a peak at Jake Quickendon getting his kit off, but it didn’t make me vote (and it’s nothing knew, he does it all the time). Frankly, the stunts used this general election were quite patronising…

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Is it time for a press revolution?


There has been much talk about the need to be authentic in 2015. We’ve discussed it plenty with people questioning integrity of brands and their purpose. And it seems like a week can’t pass us by without the financial grounds of a celebrity’s patronage for a charity making front page news. So when Peter Oborne very…

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