Powerful persuasion by campaigners in Buenos Aires… for the price of a box of choccies

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Claremont Communications on Apr 6, 2009

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On December 4th 2008, in Buenos Aires, the Congress of Argentina approved a law that requires all public offices to provide a special pumping room for breastfeeding mothers.

Before the session began, Congresswoman Morales and her team placed in each of the lawmakers’ desks, taped to the buttons with which laws are voted on, a small card with two chocolates and a text that read: “One of these chocolates was wrapped in a public toilet, which one would you eat?”

Nobody understood what was going on; they were all looking around wondering who had placed the chocolates on their desks.

When it was Congresswoman’s Morales turn to speak, she began by asking her colleagues “Would you want to eat in a toilet?”

Her aim was to show them the situation that thousands of babies experience every day, when they drink the milk their mothers have expressed in a public restroom, the most contaminated room in a workplace.

Congresswoman Morales gave a powerful speech, her colleagues were deeply touched and she received thunderous applause and cheers when she finished.

Hours later, the law was approved.

[Thanks to Effie Simmons for this one]