Yesterday was an important day for healthcare. YCombinator‘s bi-annual “Demo Day” included a larger-than-normal contingent of healthcare companies as entrepreneurs seek to streamline the bloated healthcare industry.

The YCombinator programme has a track record of producing some of the most innovative, influential and fast-growth technology companies of recent years, including Dropbox, Reddit, Wufoo, Scribd, Posterous and more.

Of the batch, four companies have health-related products, although only two have been announced publicly. Here’s our analysis of the two companies that have launched thus far.


Eligible is an online service makes it easier for US medical practitioners to assess patient eligibility.

While eligibility in and of itself isn’t a major issue in the UK, it is indicative of exactly the kind of problem healthcare startups are looking to solve – cutting back on complicated processes, paperwork, and phone calls.

We imagine that the principle behind, and technology similar to Eligible could be easily applied to assist in GP commissioning in the UK – taking care of complicated technical elements so that GPs can concentrate on effective patient care.

It’s clear that there is massive untapped demand for services like these: Eligible is already working with over 700 insurance companies, and we expect to see more UK specific innovation in due course.

Healthy Labs

Many of our clients have found that it can be a challenge to reach people that need to know about their services online. People with chronic conditions can be understandably reluctant to share details online.

Healthy Labs was set up based on the founder Sean Ahrens own experiences. Ahrens has lived with Chron’s disease for 14 years, and wanted a platform to share his story, track medication, and find specialists in his local area.

In nine months, he has amassed a database of 9,000 treatment reviews on Chron’s disease – useful for GPs, researchers and patients.

A similar startup, MyHealthTeams has pulled in $1.75m in funding, and focuses on building connections between parents of autistic children.