If you’re a social communicator you’re probably asking “how can we do this?”. Well, if you’ve got a smartphone, some props, a bit of a following and a message, and you still don’t know what to do, I can’t help you. Maybe cartoonist Hugh MacLeod can.


Hugh MacLeod has done a lot to spread the idea of the social object, the things that people take about and share. Why are these campaigns successful social objects?

They have meaning

The people who create and share these selfies believe in the cause, and the cause is significant. They believe in a cure for cancer, the possibility of hope in death, diversity and freedom of speech.

They have purpose

Each person who created these selfies felt empowered in that moment. They felt good about themselves.

They are playful

The creative act of using pen and paper, choosing what to write, then how to frame and present yourself, is fun. It’s play and your friends and celebrities are there too.

They support self-expression

This is half the reason people share anything – to tell you something about themselves. In a selfie the gesture is everything.