Well-well-well, who’d have thought it? Fastest growing PR agency of the year!

Of course all of us are thoroughly chuffed and I’m personally incredibly proud. It’s an accolade loaded with excitement but also, I must say, a shiver of trepidation.

Doesn’t what goes up have to come down with a clunk?

Maybe, but I can assure you this agency is not going to let that happen without an almighty fight.

Claremont’s rapid growth has been in no small part down to our awesome clients, some of whom have been with us since we were tiny. Our existing clients are and always will be our top priority.

So what else has driven this growth? Well, aside from barrels of blood, sweat and tears, it comes down to one thing: our people.

For any agency, its people are the raw resource that no amount of swish branding and slick operations can supplant. Courage, creativity, team spirit, shared values… these are the real drivers of business growth. And Claremont’s people have these qualities in spades.

As Claremont continues to grow, I have no greater priority than attracting and retaining the very best people.

Do you share Claremont’s values? Are you one of the best in the business? Would you like to join the UK’s fastest growing agency?  Please do get in touch & I look forward to hearing from you.