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Have you ever worn a blindfold to a gig? No, neither had I until this autumn when at the launch event of RLSB’s first ever London without Limits festival about to listen to beatboxer Shlomo, London Contemporary Voices choir and Felix Buxton from Basement Jaxx.

It was great…really, really great.

Quite often at gigs you find that instead of really taking in the music, you spend the whole time watching things: the lead singer’s dance moves, the light display, the queue at the bar. Well not this time; this time it was all about the music and getting totally caught up in it to the point where shivers were literally pouring down my spine.

It was a truly beautiful experience; entirely exhilarating, at times deeply moving (to the point of tears) and pretty darn liberating to know that no one else can see your casual bopping (aka the ‘mum’ dance).

I may sound very passionate about it and I am – mainly because this was a festival that Claremont had worked with RLSB to design and deliver and this event marked it’s beginning – but, at the end of the day, it was a also just a great night out. Perhaps you’d like to see for yourself.

However, there was a more serious side to this event, one that was very much intended. It was as much about having fun as it was about encouraging people to stop and think, albeit for a short period of time, about what it actually feels like to be vision impaired, something that 7,000 young Londoners have to deal with on a daily basis.

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