It’s not really Christmas until you see the John Lewis Christmas advert appear on your TV, and it wouldn’t be a Claremont blogvent if we didn’t comment on it.

The video

I’m not sure why I thought I needed to embed the advert because it’s almost impossible for someone not to have seen it, but please feel free to refresh your memory.

Partnership with AgeUK

One of the best things about this campaign is John Lewis’ partnership with AgeUK. Aside from increasing Christmas sales, John Lewis wanted to highlight the very real problem that 1 million older people go a full month without anyone and, as a nation, we should start appreciating the older generations much more. It’s safe to say that this has been achieved with almost 21 million people watching the advert on YouTube alone.

So is it the event of the year?

If I’m honest I think that the whole John Lewis Christmas ad schtick is getting a bit old now and it looks like people are starting to agree with me. As Christmas adverts go this year’s just didn’t cut it for me. Yes, it has old people and children and a great cause (and it is a very worthwhile cause) but there were just better, and more well received ads this year, like Sainsbury’s Mog the Cat. All in all, my verdict is well done John Lewis, but from your previous performances you could do better.