I think everyone in comms has at some point thought what a great idea it would be to be/have their client featured on BuzzFeed – including the crew at Claremont. So we invited them down to our headquarters for a chat to better understand how the site works (much like a Gorkana event – except a bit more personal).

Whether your coverage is featured or not, there’s something great about BuzzFeed. It’s untouched. Authentic. And extremely hard to be featured on! So here’s a couple of things you may not know about the news site. It might help you get coverage. It might not. But it’s interesting stuff!

1.BuzzFeed was set up by Jon Parretti…

…who was also the co-founder of The Huffington Post in 2006.The site was initially set up as a ‘test lab’ for viral content – something which Jon knew the internet was missing. Since then, it’s grown to house over 140 members of staff and still growing – how does that compare to the Indy?


2. BuzzFeed’s stats are incredible.

Altogether, the site has around 200 million monthly unique users, equalling 5 billion content views (with about half of those coming from me!). In the UK alone, they have 17-20 million monthly unique users. However, BuzzFeed is also published in seven different languages.

I can’t quite remember what languages this includes, (at this point I think I was watching a really interesting BuzzFeed video!)… but there you go. Seven languages. On BuzzFeed.

Ooh, and you might be interested to know that BuzzFeed now has it’s first correspondent based in Scotland to cover Scottish news. This newcomer was brought on board as a result of the successes around their regional coverage.


3. There are three themes that each piece of BuzzFeed content falls into.

Each piece of content can fit into one or more of those themes, but they need to either evoke emotion, relay information, or explain your identity.


4. BuzzFeed has its own motion picture studio.

This is where the team puts together all their amazing videos. It’s not all GIFs you know.

5. Most people access BuzzFeed’s content through Facebook.

This is an interesting point to note. BuzzFeed make their content specifically in mind to be shared and accessed across multiple platforms – not just their website. So interestingly, only 10% of people go via the homepage. However, that 10% is more likely to then share content. Which ends up on Facebook. Which is then viewed by masses of people. And reshared. And so on and so on.


So there you go. Five interesting things you now know about BuzzFeed.