Every year in March a global campaign aims to raise awareness of kidney disease and its impact around the globe.

The day provides a huge opportunity for organisations with an interest in kidneys to generate media coverage and raise awareness of their messages.

Here’s just a few ways different organisations got their bite of the kidney shaped cherry.

World Kidney Day

The UK World Kidney Day initiative is led by the Kidney Charities Together Group, which comprises of the five leading UK kidney charities. I would estimate that the Kidney Charities Together Group generated the lions share of media coverage, which centred around local activities held across the country to mark the day, led by health organisations, specialists and patients.

Here’s an example on regional ITV News.

NHS Blood and Transplant

Quite a few pieces of national coverage focused on 10-year-old Matthew, a boy with no kidneys who has been waiting nine years for a transplant. All these pieces see Sally Johnson, director of organ donation and transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant quoted. Coverage appeared in the Mirror, Independent, Sky News and BBC News to name a few.

The Natural Hydration Council

At Claremont we supported one of our clients, the Natural Hydration Council, to raise awareness that dehydration, especially chronic dehydration, can contribute to kidney stone formation.

We needed something new and shocking to cut through the busy news agenda so we analysed new statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre that showed the increase of emergency hospital admissions for kidney stones in the last ten years – a whopping 115% rise! We remained in contact with World Kidney Day the whole time, sharing our press release with them and working with them to secure a kidney expert spokesperson.

With the news angle secured we prepared top tips (using the NHC’s & World Kidney Day’s kidney factsheet), secured expert spokespeople and sold into journalists under embargo. We achieved 19 pieces of coverage, including in seven nationals, here’s a few examples: Express, Mirror, Guardian.