If the closest you get to live football is turning up to the staff 5-a-side every other summer, then perhaps the prospect of 360° football streaming doesn’t really do much for you.

But if you live in one of the 643 million homes that tune-in to watch the Premier League every season, then this represents an interesting development.

Liverpool FC

Last week, Liverpool FC became the first British club to stream an entire match using a 360° camera.

The same technology used for some of the most immersive, interactive videos online.

Streaming live, however, takes things one-step further.

Centre Circle

The match itself was hosted through YouTube’s 360° channel; yet another new platform allowing football fans to engage with the Premier League when they’re online.

It gave viewers the opportunity to control the direction and view of the camera from the halfway line. All, of course, in real time.

Why We Like It

Admittedly, this isn’t going to be coming to a Sunday League pitch near you anytime soon (would you really want it to?).

But your Sunday League team, unlike Liverpool FC, don’t have an international following.

Which is where 360° streaming – beyond being a fantastic brand building exercise – really comes into its own.

Back Of The Net

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in the hometown of his or her football club.

Not everyone can afford to stump up the costs of every home game.

And if you support one of the Premier League clubs, then you will face stiff competition for every single ticket.

For Liverpool fans, that equates to millions of supporters worldwide.

Some of which will invariably suffer from mobility issues that prevent them from attending games in person.

This, then, is a prime example of a football club recognising the limitations of their fan-base, and responding to their commitment to the club in-kind.

Admittedly, being there live, with the fans, pie and Bovril in hand is hard to replicate.

But, for now, this is the next best thing.