Ipsos released the analysis of their Global Trends survey today. Here are some snippets from the research.

Brands’ social impact

  • Two thirds of people want brands to do more than just provide good services – and say that brands’ social impact will become more and more important.
  • 45% say they don’t care about ethical behaviour of brands – they just want good products.
  • Globally, 61% say they try to buy products from brands that act responsibly, even if that means spending more, but this is not the view taken by the majority in several countries, including Canada, Britain, Russia and Japan.
  • Millennials (64%) say they are more ethically driven than Baby Boomers (54%), but not overwhelmingly.
  • All other things (such as price and quality) being equal, people will choose the brand that ‘does good’ over the others available to them.

Search for Simplicity and Control

  • Eighty per cent of people across the world believe that “there is so much contradictory information it’s hard to know who to trust”.
  • Despite scepticism about big business, 65% feel “brands I trust are more important than ever to me”. Brands remain useful mental shortcuts, helping us navigate the bewildering choices available to us.

The good, the bad and the tech

  • People globally think that while technology improves life, and they can’t imagine life without it, it is also affecting them in a wide range of negative ways. For many, most conversations are now online, 62% say they are constantly staring at screens.
  • Most people everywhere say ads they get served are annoying, irrelevant and a distraction. Most disliked of all are pop up ads and videos you can’t skip.
  • In 2014, 37% of Generation Z respondents globally were concerned that technological progress was destructive. However, just three years later, this has jumped to 50%.

What can we learn?

A lot of the survey findings we already assumed. For example, many people have a distrust of government and are confused about which sources of information to trust (who’d have thought it) and the worry of technology negatively affecting how we interact is nothing new either… But it’s always good to have numbers to back up our assumptions.

What is interesting is how people view brands and big business. Nearly half of people are happy just to have good service, whether or not the brand behaves ethically. Not only this, but in an age of too much choice brands are an anchor for many people when making decisions.

Want to read more of the Ipsos Global Trends survey analysis? Find it here.