Emma Prince


Having worked in house until joining Claremont, Emma has gained a wealth of media relations experience working for non-profit organisations such as Alzheimer's Society, the National Deaf Children's Society and Defra. Emma has worked on high profile media projects ranging from a dementia training session for David Cameron; care homes and end of life; children with disabilities; education; bullying and flooding. She also has a keen interest in digital media and the changing face of PR.

Emma has a beagle puppy and is currently trying to get him more than 1,000 followers on Instagram. At the time of writing this Snoopy has over 850 followers.

Emma's Blog Posts

Winner of 2014: A campaign that gets real about body image

I can still remember the moment (and the exact location) that I began to understand how it feels when someone judges you on how you look. I was nine and my best friend had just told me that, despite us wearing the same trousers my thighs were fatter than hers! That’s one of the reasons…

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Dry January or Try January? A look at this January’s campaigns

At the moment, with it being January, the media is of course saturated with articles on Dry January. Journalists and bloggers are discussing the pros and cons of abstaining for a month; suggesting there are actually no benefits; providing us with alternatives to Dry January and offering us recipes for ‘delicious’ drinks to get us…

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A very public cock-up and how to avoid it happening to you

Many of you will have heard about the Green Party leader Natalie Bennet’s epic fail when she was interviewed on LBC recently, even if you don’t have an interest in politics you will probably be aware that a politician cocked up big time on live radio. Whether that will affect the Green Party’s campaign I…

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Stock off: Stock photos we've seen enough of

Time to Change recently launched a campaign ‘Get the Picture’ to help the media to move away from the stock photos they use when writing about mental health. They did this through demonstrating what people with mental health problems actually look like. And how do they look? Exactly the same as everyone else of course,…

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Listen up: My first audio project

About seven months ago one of our long standing clients, OnePlusOne – a relationship research charity – got in touch asking for help to produce a strengthening relationships resource to support couples affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The project was funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and was part of a wider…

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World Kidney Day’s multiple voices

Every year in March a global campaign aims to raise awareness of kidney disease and its impact around the globe. The day provides a huge opportunity for organisations with an interest in kidneys to generate media coverage and raise awareness of their messages. Here’s just a few ways different organisations got their bite of the…

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The return of the #MissingType campaign

Last year I wrote about a campaign that, for me, was hands down the best behavioural change PR campaign of 2015. Now, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) has launched its #MissingType campaign again, but this year it’s bigger and better and has a reach well beyond the UK. To re-cap, the campaign uses the simple…

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