Lucy Proudfoot

Senior Consultant

Lucy has 15 years’ experience of working in communications and marketing with charities, public sector and private sector. She has a versatile set of skills having led various different comms campaigns over the years and now specialises in leading research and co-design to put audience insight at the heart of campaign development.

Ever since starting her career working on high profile government campaigns - knife crime and drugs education (Talk to Frank) - Lucy has continued to work with clients who are tackling some of our most topical social issues. For Save the Children she designed, delivered and tested a series of behaviour change interventions to improve child language development; for Thames Valley police she designed and ran a campaign aiming to reduce casual cocaine use and she is currently working with Anna Whitehouse (MotherPukka) on the FlexAppeal campaign to encourage more employers offer flexible working.

As a graduate in Human Geography, Lucy has always had an active interest in people, communities and their interactions with their environments. She loves nothing more than to be working directly with the end audience, researching and understanding their behaviours/ attitudes and using these insights to strengthen and enrich campaigns. Over the years Lucy has spent time facilitating debates about knife crime in youth centres; visiting community centres to discuss bowel cancer screening; carrying out home visits to discuss parent-child interactions and much more.

More recently she has turned her focus to leading the co-design element – i.e. putting the audience at the heart of campaign development - of various Claremont projects including: working with a group of mums from an East Belfast Sure Start centre for Save the Children; running sessions with relatives of people with Dementia for Alzheimer’s Research UK and online groups with a cross-section of the UK population to help develop a major new medical research project.

In a former life, music dominated Lucy’s spare time when she sang with London Contemporary Voices and tried to get to as many festivals as possible but now she mainly finds herself singing nursery rhymes with toddler Betty (and loves it).

Lucy's Blog Posts

Hi, I'm Lucy

In the earlier years of my career I could be found delivering work for a variety of large Dept, of Health and Home Office accounts tackling major youth issues - sexual health, knife crime, drugs awareness (Talk to Frank) and mental health. I then switched roles to focus more on the social marketing side of…

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The power of a good story

If you’re a company wanting to make a serious impact, just doing good isn’t enough (although it’s a great start); you have to be good at demonstrating it too. Making story telling a crucial part of your communication strategy is a great way of helping you to stand out in a crowded market. For example,…

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Proud to have failed

We recently completed year one of an innovation project with Save the Children and National Literacy Trust where our challenge was to figure out how we could nudge parents to talk, sing and play more with their 0-3 year olds. We used our ‘labs’ approach to figure out what would work best. This meant we…

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Behaviour change briefing: next stop… Cymru

A big thank you to all who came to our April behaviour change briefing. We’re delighted with how it went and were thrilled to host such a variety of guests (including behaviour change enthusiasts, professionals from government, the UN, policing, housing, charities, comms agencies and corporates). The theme of the event was the ‘design and…

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Breakfast Briefing goes on tour – Save the date

Croissants in Cardiff anyone? After the success of April’s Breakfast Briefing we’ve decided to pack up the tour bus and head to Wales. Join us on Tuesday 24th September at Life Sciences Hub Wales, in Cardiff to find out exactly what we mean by behaviour change communications. What are the theories? How does this affect…

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Let’s talk about Flex

We’re extremely proud to announce our partnership with Anna Whitehouse (@Motherpukka) and Mill Road Creative as we join them for the next chapter of the #Flexappeal campaign. #Flexappeal fights for the right for flexible working for everyone (not just parents) and has already empowered thousands of employees around the country to request flexible working. Now…

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Campaign of the month: #WeAreUndefeatable

Sport England have done it again. Once again the nation can be full of warm fuzzy feelings.    First it was #ThisGirlCan with its humorous, honest and emotional content that got everyone jumping off their sofas and frantically signing up to their local Zumba class. Now they’re back, this time with an entirely different mission.   #WeAreUndefeatable…

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Batman never gets frustrated

Encouraging your child to pretend play can improve their concentration, perseverance and keep them calmer. Ever since our work with Save the Children, we’ve become a little bit obsessed with all things child development. Plus, we’re always keen to learn how we can better support parents to get it right. Why? Well, not only is…

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Campaign of the month - Tiny Happy People

We’re buzzing about the BBC’s Tiny Happy People – a campaign that aims to help parents support their child’s language development. Around one in three children (31%) start primary school without reaching a good level of early development, a figure that rises to one in two when talking about children from poor backgrounds (46%). Unfortunately…

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Could you be one of our Bright Spot employers?

  Have you overcome particular obstacles or made changes at your organisation to introduce flexible working to some or all of your colleagues?   Would you be happy for us to come and visit you in the workplace to find out how you make flexible working work?   And are you willing to share your…

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Claremont heads to Flexpo

Flex Appeal logo

  We’re thrilled to be joining Sir Robert McAlpine at this year’s Flexpo Digital, where we’ll be  discussing our new research report developed for Anna Whitehouse’s iconic Flex Appeal campaign: Forever Flex: flexible working beyond a crisis. The event on 4th November champions the importance of flexible working for all – something all of us…

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Seven things we’ve learned about research on Zoom

Mug next to a laptop showing Zoom call.

  Back in early March we had a huge stack of qualitative research tasks ahead of us. Planned trips up and down the country to speak with employers for the Flex Appeal project; a series of co-design sessions for a major medical research project; capturing the lived experiences of transport users across the UK. At…

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Making flexible working work beyond a crisis

  For anyone who missed it (despite my furious social activity), our report – Forever Flex: Making flexible working work beyond a crisis – launched earlier this month and is now available to download from Mother Pukka’s website. What’s it all about? We were commissioned to develop the report after forming a partnership with the…

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