Purpose in Practice - Clarity, Authenticity and Purpose Wash

Purpose in Practice

Purpose in Practice is the result of 25 in-depth interviews, exhaustive desk research and numerous coffee-fuelled conversations.

We believe the insights collected in this report provide an important snapshot of the state of purpose-driven business in the UK today – but we don’t have all the answers.

Please join us in driving this conversation forward.

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Interviews with amazing people

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Posted 27th July

Annie Clements, CEO of Autism and ADHD

We spoke to Annie about how businesses are promoting purpose, nurturing a culture of purpose and how authentic purpose shines through.

Posted 27th July

Adrian Walker, Hogan Lovells

We spoke to Adrian about how purpose has changed the way we view salaries, how identity fits with purpose and his personal purpose.

Posted 14th June

Mairi Doyle, Bupa

We spoke to Mairi Doyle, Director of Internal Communications at Bupa, about how Bupa are seeding purpose through their ogranisation from the top.

Posted 14th June

David Baker, The School of Life

We spoke to David Baker from the School of Life about our sense of purpose at work, how purpose fuels creativity and his personal purpose.

Posted 14th June

Paul Buck, Epic Risk Management

We spoke to Paul Buck, CEO of EPIC – a consultancy specialising in the prevention and management of risks associated with staff gambling problems about how the business started and the purpose that keeps it going.

Purpose in Practice lunch 10
Posted 14th June

Dan Joy, Ikano Bank

We spoke to Dan Joy, Country Manager UK at Ikano Bank, about what purpose means to him and how Ikano Bank has become a purpose-driven business.

Posted 5th May

Purpose-driven business: What it is and why it matters

Everybody’s talking about ‘purpose-driven business’, increasing numbers of CEOs around the world are committing themselves to delivering positive social and environmental impact rather than just bottom line numbers.

pip launch lunch
Posted 5th May

Nicole Vanderbilt, Etsy

We spoke to Nicole Vanderbilt, VP, International at Etsy about what today’s Entrepreneurs look like and defining success as a purpose-driven business.

Posted 5th May

New York Times

The New York Times has been running for over 150 years and six years ago, they opened their first Dubai office covering news and opinion in the United Arab Emirates. We spoke to Helen Konstantopoulos, the Managing Director about the deeply embedded social purpose that the New York Times has.

Posted 4th May

Geoff McDonald, on Unilever

Geoff McDonald gave us his expert insight into what defines purpose, the rise of purpose wash and how he made Unilever a more purpose-driven business.

Posted 5th May

Purpose-driven PR?

If you haven’t heard of ‘purpose-driven business’ you must have been snoozing for a good few years and it might be time to wake up and smell the responsibly sourced coffee.

Henry Playfoot explores the idea of a purpose driven business.

PiP lunch 4
Posted 16th May

Are you fit for purpose?

Many businesses thriving in today’s volatile economy have one commonality. They embrace the search for purpose alongside the pursuit of growing revenue. And this approach works. We know that businesses with a strong sense of purpose continually outperform those without one.

PiP lunch 2
Posted 17th May

Purpose: the path to profitability AND personal wellbeing?

The business case for a ‘purpose-driven’ approach is easy to see: modern consumers care about the impact of our actions on the world around us and so brands that deliver what we need AND simultaneously ‘do good’ in the world are proving popular.

Ana Granger talks about linking purpose, profitability and wellbeing.

PiP lunch 3
Posted 17th May

Purpose: Trend or Transition?

Way back in the late 90s, after years of flag waving by the pioneers and early-adopters, CSR finally went mainstream.  Largely philanthropic, the idea was that business could live up to its social responsibilities by ‘doing good’ beyond activities that directly contribute to the bottom line.

PiP lunch 1
Posted 31st May

Andrew Harding - CIMA

CIMA is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants, operating in 176 countries with 229,000 members. We talked the Managing Director, Andrew Harding, about how purpose affects the way he and the business operates.

purpose in practice
Posted 5th May

Rajeeb Dey, Enternships

We spoke to Rajeeb Dey from Enternships, a company that helps young people kickstart their career in startups and fast growing businesses.

Posted 27th July

Nicole Vanderbilt, VP International at Etsy

If you were to take just a brief glance at Etsy – the online peer-to-peer marketplace – you’d be forgiven for bracketing it alongside the likes of eBay.

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