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We’re all irrational, actually

If you poured all the water you used this week into a small swimming pool, could you touch the bottom? Probably. This isn’t good. The UK is using too much water. We are now facing the very real possibility that we could run out of water in the next 20-25 years. A combination of climate…

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Let’s talk about Flex

We’re extremely proud to announce our partnership with Anna Whitehouse (@Motherpukka) and Mill Road Creative as we join them for the next chapter of the #Flexappeal campaign. #Flexappeal fights for the right for flexible working for everyone (not just parents) and has already empowered thousands of employees around the country to request flexible working. Now…

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Cervical Screening? It’s time to shout about it

How do you persuade women to book an appointment to strip naked below the waist and have a plastic object inserted into their most intimate parts? More often than not, with great difficulty. Anyone who has had a smear test will know that they are, at best, an exercise in stoicism and, at worst, an…

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Campaign of the month: #WeAreUndefeatable

Sport England have done it again. Once again the nation can be full of warm fuzzy feelings.    First it was #ThisGirlCan with its humorous, honest and emotional content that got everyone jumping off their sofas and frantically signing up to their local Zumba class. Now they’re back, this time with an entirely different mission.   #WeAreUndefeatable…

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EAST: The four things you need to know about behavioural insights

How do you design a behaviour change campaign that is actually going to change behaviour?   If I told you that I’d have to kill you.   Just kidding. At Claremont, when it comes to behavioural frameworks, we don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. But we DO believe in learning from the best, and underpinning everything we…

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You can’t ignore a four year old

One of my favourite ads is this one by Transport for London: Is it effective in terms of behaviour change? I doubt if anyone can definitely say. But speaking as a passenger it’s just a heart-warming advert to be around. I’m sure that must also be the case for TfL workers who see the posters…

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