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Communications for
behaviour change

Claremont is a behaviour change communications agency specialising in social issues.

We work with brands, governments and charities to apply behavioural science and ‘nudge’ thinking to their communications and specialise in multi-channel earned media campaigns.

Our campaigns typically CHANGE an existing behaviour, START new behaviours, STOP damaging behaviours or PREVENT the adoption of negative behaviour.

  • Change
    An existing behaviour
  • Start
    A new behaviour
  • Stop
    Doing something damaging
  • Prevent
    The adoption of a negative behaviour

A network of specialists

Conflict-free zone

Isn’t it strange that when you take a communications problem to a graphic design agency, the solution tends to involve buying a load of graphic design?

Or maybe you ask a digital agency? Lo and behold what you need is an app or a whizzy new website.

It's uncanny.

Claremont is strictly channel neutral.

When a creative solution is required, we will create something amazing that works on a gut level - whether it be PR, digital, print or good old face-to-face.

And when a creative solution isn’t required? We’re more than okay with that. The truth is that 11-point Ariel font is quite often the way to go.

Like detectives, we go to wherever the evidence leads us.

Claremont is a communications agency in Clerkenwell, London. Founded in 2008, our upbringing was mean and lean. Nothing was taken for granted, we moved fast and innovated to survive. It's a lean way of working that continues to this day.

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