Who We Are

Claremont is a behaviour change communications agency specialising in social issues.

Key People

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We do

  • Aim to be one of the best places to work in the UK
  • Have an open door to talented people
  • Embrace differences

We don't

  • Use recruitment agencies
  • Use unpaid interns
  • Use and abuse

Our story

Claremont was born in the heat of the Great Recession.

Our upbringing was mean and lean, we took nothing for granted and innovated to survive.

But innovate is what we do.  For ourself, for our clients. It’s in our blood.

Eight years on and Claremont is a leading communications agency in our space.

Our story
Our name

Our name

Claremont was named after the founder’s nan’s hotel school in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Claremont’s founding principles – empowerment, modernity, excellence – came from Clare Caspersz (1919-2011), who used them to build her business over 50 years.  She was an extraordinary person, a visionary, who would undoubtedly have been proud of the company today.

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