Samuel Salzer

Behavioural Science Advisor

Samuel Salzer

Samuel Salzer is a leading behavioural strategist and behavioural design expert.

He's one of the world's first Chief Behavioural Officer's (CBO), and he specialises in applying insights from behavioural science and behavioural economics to build user-centred and habit-forming products and services. Among other things, Samuel has been responsible for several large-scale behaviourally informed messaging campaigns and digital interventions, including:

-Digital Habit Formation: Spearheaded several digital health initiatives aimed at reducing serious health risks such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity among 4+ million adults through the formation of healthy habits.

-Reduced Smoking and Drinking. Led behavioural design process during the development of Horizon 2020 funded digital health intervention targeted to help individuals quit smoking and drinking ahead of surgery. Managed extensive user testing and developed effective behavioural science-informed language and visuals to promote smoking and alcohol cessation.

-Increasing Recycling. Involved with large-scale projects aimed at increasing recycling at building sites in Scandinavia. Iteratively created multi-language signage and visual prompts informed by behavioural science principles. Increased avg. building site pollution by 60 tons CO2.

At the forefront of the emerging field of Behavioural Design, Samuel is a frequent keynote speaker and has co-authored “Nudging in practice - Helping organisations make it easy to do the right thing.” The book offers a comprehensive guide to organisations interested in understanding and systematically utilising behavioural insights.