Francesca Butcher


Francesca Butcher

A Psychology graduate, Francesca’s career began when she worked as an Assistant Psychologist in St Pancras Hospital’s Traumatic Stress Clinic, where she facilitated psychoeducation and symptom management groups for clients with Complex PTSD and eagerly took part in the trauma-informed yoga sessions and pottery classes.

Following that, she spent a year on the Unlocked Graduates programme working as a prison officer on the induction wing of HMP Brixton where, when she wasn’t locking and unlocking cell doors or chasing alarm bells, she could be found interviewing the new arrivals and helping them settle into the prison.

Looking to move on to something a little more conventional, Francesca then spent a year and a half in the advertising industry, working in account management across clients such as EE, Dyson, HSBC and L'Oréal.

Outside of work, Francesca can be found at a gig (probably Stormzy), walking her family dog on Clapham Common or at the pub with her friends.

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