Emily Rayner

Senior Consultant

Emily Rayner

Emily has spent her career working in organisations that help to improve people’s lives - in particular children and families - with early roles in Children’s Social Services and at UNICEF. 

She built her expertise in behaviour change when leading an innovative campaign at Save the Children called ‘Wonder Words’ which was designed to nudge parents to talk more with their children during the early years. 

Emily found the most rewarding part of this work to be engaging directly with families, gathering deep insights about their daily lives. She used this research to co-design unique interventions which reflected and worked with the lived experiences of families. These were rapidly designed, tested and iterated in collaboration with families.

Emily 's next move was to broaden her experience beyond working with families in need to tackling other social issues, as Strategy and Planning Lead at 23Red. In this role she designed and worked on communication strategies in response to challenges around end of life care, waste reduction and alcohol awareness. 

Emily continues to take an active interest in supporting families through a volunteer role as school governor at her local Primary. The rest of her time is occupied by her two small children and the occasional quiet moment on her sewing machine. 

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