Lucy Proudfoot


Lucy Proudfoot

Lucy has 15 years’ experience of working in communications and marketing with charities, public sector and private sector. She has a versatile set of skills having led various different comms campaigns over the years and now specialises in leading research and co-design to put audience insight at the heart of campaign development.

Ever since starting her career working on high profile government campaigns - knife crime and drugs education (Talk to Frank) - Lucy has continued to work with clients who are tackling some of our most topical social issues. For Save the Children she designed, delivered and tested a series of behaviour change interventions to improve child language development; for Thames Valley police she designed and ran a campaign aiming to reduce casual cocaine use and she is currently working with Anna Whitehouse (MotherPukka) on the FlexAppeal campaign to encourage more employers offer flexible working.

As a graduate in Human Geography, Lucy has always had an active interest in people, communities and their interactions with their environments. She loves nothing more than to be working directly with the end audience, researching and understanding their behaviours/ attitudes and using these insights to strengthen and enrich campaigns. Over the years Lucy has spent time facilitating debates about knife crime in youth centres; visiting community centres to discuss bowel cancer screening; carrying out home visits to discuss parent-child interactions and much more.

More recently she has turned her focus to leading the co-design element – i.e. putting the audience at the heart of campaign development - of various Claremont projects including: working with a group of mums from an East Belfast Sure Start centre for Save the Children; running sessions with relatives of people with Dementia for Alzheimer’s Research UK and online groups with a cross-section of the UK population to help develop a major new medical research project.

In a former life, music dominated Lucy’s spare time when she sang with London Contemporary Voices and tried to get to as many festivals as possible but now she mainly finds herself singing nursery rhymes with toddler Betty (and loves it).

Lucy's blog posts


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    Lucy Proudfoot

    Lucy Proudfoot on Oct 16, 2020

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    Lucy Proudfoot

    Lucy Proudfoot on Jul 19, 2019