Let’s talk about Flex

Lucy Proudfoot

Lucy Proudfoot on Jul 19, 2019

We’re extremely proud to announce our partnership with Anna Whitehouse (@Motherpukka) and Mill Road Creative as we join them for the next chapter of the #Flexappeal campaign.

#Flexappeal fights for the right for flexible working for everyone (not just parents) and has already empowered thousands of employees around the country to request flexible working.

Now we’ll be working with them on the next phase of their journey: shifting the focus towards employers.

Why is #Flexappeal so important?

There’s mounting evidence that flexible working helps to increase employee productivity, retention and general happiness and it has been identified as the number one way to support gender equality in the workplace.

All of this stacks up to a compelling rational case for employers to implement it. But people rarely act entirely rationally. When it comes to flexible working there’s work to be done in really understanding why employers aren’t making the change.

Whilst flexible working has always been a topic close to Claremont’s heart, and something we’ve been able to weave in to our culture from day one, we know that for many organisations, particularly larger, more traditional ones, this is a tougher and more complicated shift that is likely to face a multitude of obstacles.

Image: Emily Grey Photography

Where do we fit in?

Over the next few months we’ll be working with the #Flexappeal team to explore and research these obstacles in more depth. But we’ll also be seeking out the bright spots to take a close look at those employers who have been able to break from the norm and move across to flexible working practices.   What can we learn from them that could be used to help more employers make the change?

Not being able to work flexibly is associated with so many other social issues that we as a company care deeply about – gender inequality, mental health in the workplace, child development – so this campaign is a wonderful fit for us.

We believe the time for #Flexappeal is now. The time for working with employers to help them make changes so their employees can live happier, healthier and better lives is now.   We’re thrilled to be part of the journey.

Questions / comments? Get in touch with lucy.proudfoot@claremont.org.uk