10 Reasons I Really Should Be On Facebook

Claremont Communications

Claremont Communications on Oct 30, 2010

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1. It’s annoying to miss friends’ birthdays.  Facebook would make this a thing of the past.

2. Facebook might be useful for cultivating business contacts. Not everyone’s keen on Linkedin.

3. I wouldn’t miss out on social meet-ups – which has happened a few times.  But, truth be told, that’s not always been a bad thing.

4. I would be able to communicate better with people overseas, which includes some of my closest friends – I could see more pictures and news about their kids growing up.

5. I could get over my old hang-up about Facebook debasing the word ‘friend‘ by not using the word friend and insisting on calling everyone ‘Facefriends‘.

6. I’d be able to service my clients better. Facebook is big business.  In mitigation I have been using a Ben Caspersz Facebook account to occasionally roam around and get a handle on what’s what.  But I do accept that – because I’ve currently got zero Facefriends – I’m not exactly experiencing the full effect.

7. Facebook is a 21st century way of being closer to the people I care about. Sometimes I think Facebook is effectively a 21st Century remake of our tight-knit tribal communities of old.  Surely I want to be a part of that?

8. No one’s forcing me to spend loads of time on it, that would be up to me.

9. No one’s forcing me to accept friend requests from anyone, that would also be up to me.

10. Privacy wouldn’t really be a big issue if I was careful with the settings (I think…)

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