Simon Booth-Lucking


Simon’s career began with a brief foray into the early world of interactive TV, games and services. Since then he has become an expert in all things digital. Simon specialises in digital strategy, user experience and social media and has in-depth knowledge of the digital industry and associated trends in society, politics and economics.

Simon has a passion for finding elegant solutions to complex problems, and is currently working on a widget for generating witty endings to sentences (currently in beta).

Simon's Blog Posts

Government continues digital revolution


It's exciting times for digital in government. The Matt Tee review of COI pushed digital as a default option for communications; the project is re-designing government online from scratch (to mixed reviews); and today it's been confirmed that digital director of The Guardian Mike Bracken will take up the new post of Executive Director…

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Data is Power at the RSA


Big thanks to all those who attended and helped make happen our Data is Power event this week. The breakfast seminar at the RSA was designed to get the grey matter going on the subject of data visualisation, with the help of our fabulous speakers: Simon Rogers of The Guardian and Vicky Ames of Alzheimer's…

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5 ideas for Google+ Hangouts

Among all the ups and downs of Google+ - the search giants latest attempt to crack the social nut - one feature has prompted some intriguing experiments; Hangouts. Hangouts are like a video conference call, the kind of thing you could do with Skype, but with some key differences. First of all it's free, unlike…

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Future of Facebook still uncertain

Last night I caught up with the BBC's "Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook", a good documentary on the past, present and future of Facebook. With presenter Emily Maitlis striding around Silicon Valley in an impressive collection of trendy outfits it showed once again how disconcerting it is when BBC current affairs people dress casual (see Evan…

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Small earthquake at Sky News. Social media hurt

A common subject of debate on our digital PR training courses is the effect that social media, and in particular the fast-moving Twitter, has on the way news is made and our relationship with journalists and news organisations. How do we know if a journalist is credible when they break news on Twitter? What happens…

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How to campaign in social media like Number 10

We've provided social media training for a few high profile organisations now but it's fair to say that the opportunity to spend a morning with the campaigns team of Number 10 had us pretty excited. So excited in fact, that we decided to freshen up the material a bit - which is a bit like…

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Death of a spokesperson

Leave the anonymous stuff to these guys. Photo by Stian Eikeland "A government spokesperson said..." For years this has been how government press officers communicate with the world. Impersonal, anonymous, official. Some are still doing it now. And there can be good reason to stay anonymous. But it goes against the grain of social media's personal,…

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No time to vote - I've got a constitution to write

"Omnishambles" was declared word of the year last week, a week in which the duff Police and Crime Commissioner elections showed again how the satire In the Thick of It can be so useful in describing real life. A record low turnout was best summed up by the sight of bored polling staff opening up…

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A healthy social media policy for NHS staff


Well done to NHS Employers, a kind of über-HR department for the whole health service, who have produced a sensible and pleasantly concise briefing on social media in the NHS. It's key points are: Social media offers great opportunities for organisations and individuals to listen and have conversations with the people they wish to influence.…

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Social media photos: 4 inspiring examples and 8 tips


300 million. 300 million a day? Yep, 300 million photos are shared on Facebook every single day. Printed at a standard 6x4 inches and laid end-to-end that's enough to circle the Earth and still have 3.7m left over. Social media photos are big. There's little doubt that social media has gone all visual. The 140-character…

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Busting the myths of viral and influence

Hallelujah! The clocks go forward this weekend and maybe, just maybe, we can come out of our long winter hibernation. On Sunday morning the nation will perform the ritual of dial turning and button pressing, and hopefully this year many of us will add the smoke alarm to that ritual having watched this video from…

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Strategy and being punched in the mouth


The end of the financial year is almost here so quite possibly you're working on a 2014-15 strategy. Good luck to you! We know strategy is important. Everyone likes to talk about it, especially candidates on the Apprentice. But for a more considered perspective we could look instead to Sir Lawrence Freedman, author of Strategy:…

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Launch of the PRCA Digital Report 2014

A live write-up of the launch event at H+K Strategies. Excuse typos, errors and stuff that doesn't make sense. On the panel are: Simon Shaw, Chief Creative Officer at H+K Vikki Chowney, Head of Things with Wings Jon Silk, Director at Bite Danny Whatmough opens up the event with some key data from the survey.…

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The ménage à trois of digital PR


I've been reflecting on and discussing the PRCA's 2014 Digital PR report since its launch last week. Others have written interesting things about it. The report has intriguing things to say about the digital state of the familiar client-agency coupling. Yet it has less to say about the third party who is now an inseparable…

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We're hiring a Finance Manager

This role reports to the Operations Director. The purpose of the Finance Manager is to: manage the company’s financial transactions; produce management information; and support the Operations Director in rolling out new systems and processes as the business grows. The role requires experience of job costing and time management, and will suit a self-starter looking…

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What’s it like to use an Apple Watch?


It was an intriguing sensation the first time an Apple Watch tapped me on the wrist. This “Taptic” touch was between me and it alone; a private whisper rather than all the public dinging and ringing of a phone. Asked to test drive the Watch for the company (tough, I know) I found my body…

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