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Call us on 020 7061 6252

Email: hello@claremontcomms.com

Find us at:

108 Clerkenwell Workshops
27-31 Clerkenwell Close

If you’re visiting our office for the first time then allow 10 minutes to find us.

Farringdon station has multiple exits. If you come out of one of the main exits you should be able to see The Castle pub. Walk towards it and turn left up Turnmill Street. If you come out of the smaller side exit then turn left and walk up Turnmill Street.

After a minute or two’s walk you will reach the junction with Clerkenwell Road. Cross the road at the lights to your right, continue right and then go left immediately into Clerkenwell Green.

Head diagonally across Clerkenwell Green towards the Crown Tavern pub and head left up Clerkenwell Close. Follow Clerkenwell Close and you will soon see The Horseshoe pub.

Continue with the pub to your left and a couple of doors along you will see the Clerkenwell Kitchen. We are in this building but the entrance is another 30m around the corner. Walk through the entrance, into the courtyard and take a lift to the first floor. Exit the lift and use the keypad opposite to call office 108.