Claremont partners with relationships charity OnePlusOne on Dept for Education culture change campaign

Claremont Communications

Claremont Communications on Mar 21, 2013

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This is a fantastic development on so many levels.  

The new campaign focuses on early intervention and changing the culture of relationship support in order to avoid family breakdown, which has been shown to cost the state £44bn per year and damage mental health and physical wellbeing.  It is important work.

A central feature of the new campaign is an amazing alliance of leading social networks:  Netmums, Youthnet, Student Room,, as well as partnerships with Working Families and Contact A Family.  We are working with a dream team.

But what’s most pleasing on a personal level is how this new contract came about.  Last year Claremont delivered a modest piece of work for OnePlusOne, which went well, we hit it off, now together we are evolving and growing together in partnership.  This is incredibly satisfying.  Long may it continue.

PRW OPO 21 March 2013