Encouraging uptake of Targeted Lung Health Checks for North Central London Cancer Alliance

Our input

  • Engagement
  • Research
  • Strategy

For people who smoke or used to smoke, risk of lung disease looms large. But early checks offer the best opportunity of changing the future for those at risk. We just need to connect those people to the right programmes.

In 2023 we supported the North Central London Cancer Alliance (NCLCA) to develop and deliver a campaign to increase uptake of Targeted Lung Health Checks (TLHCs).

The checks, introduced in North Central London in 2022 as part of a NHS pilot in many locations in England, are a form of screening to identify lung cancer at an early stage.

Following intensive research involving literature reviews, expert interviews and audience research, Claremont developed a campaign plan focused on sharing motivational messages about the benefits of early diagnosis through a stakeholder and community engagement programme. The emphasis was on reaching those least likely to take up a TLHC.

Our communications toolkit included social media posts, newsletter content, posters and flyers highlighting screening benefits. An in-depth engagement programme will distribute the assets through community organisations, stakeholders and pharmacies across the next year. Select organisations will also drive enhanced engagement involving face-to-face discussion about lung checks at existing events and meetings. Delivered together, these approaches will reach the right people with the right message at the right time – a combination to save lives.