Monica Wilson


Monica joined Claremont as an apprentice in 2012 and is now a consultant. A digital native and firm member of the PR new-school, Monica is an established Vine-ist and Instagram aficionado with a particular passion for tackling young people's issues.

Despite her insane fear of blood, Monica had previously been planning a career as a midwife.

Monica's Blog Posts

Learning on the job: life as a PR apprentice

This was originally a guest post on the PRCA blog   I have learned many things in my first few months as an apprentice at Claremont. One of the simplest, but most important lessons I’ve learnt is to get out and about and learn from others in the industry whenever I can. In my first…

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The most effective behaviour change adverts ever


In recognition of the appointment of the new Chairman of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), Guy Parker, I have pulled together some of the most effective behaviour change adverts from across the world. 1) Thai ‘Anti-Smoking’ Ad Why it is effective: It’s blunt, spooky and uses irony well to prove a point. Lesson: Fear…

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How well do you know your journo? It's time to find out more...

An archetypal journalist

Although my PR career is just lifting off, one recurring question emerges - how well do you know your journo? Whole organisations have dedicated their business to giving PRs an insight into a journalist's life: who they are, what they write about, what they like, even interesting facts to help you get your foot in…

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Make Light of a Sticky Situation... Creatively Addressing Problems


There is always the possibility of running into a sticky situation at work. This may be with a colleague, a client, or the general public. Inspired by Chris Holmes who wrote his resignation letter in icing on a cake, I have compiled a few examples of other companies who have "made light of a sticky…

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Behind the scenes at Nick Clegg's Skills Show visit

skills show

The Skills Show at the NEC in Birmingham was amazing this year. Thousands of young people showed up to be inspired, whilst ministers (including the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg) came to witness first hand the tangible skills apprentices contribute to the UK's economy, through live demonstrations of their work. Whilst there were various goings…

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Does Instagram for business work?


Social media is now a well established platform for communicating in the public sector. Although some brands have been slower to adopt, it is fair to say, a large majority of public sector agencies have identified their audiences and created platforms appealing to them. Using technology to connect with your audience, and then (through ads)…

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Quick tutorial - how to create your first Vine


As part of a client campaign rolling out soon (watch this space!), we wanted to explore the potential marketing opportunities for Vine. Following it's first birthday, Vine is beginning to attract the relevant media attention it finally deserves (see Channel 4). This is the next big thing for social media PR (especially when targeting young…

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From Rembrandt to Rihanna: the evolution of the selfie

Rembrant 1366x1634

What is the most retweeted picture of all time? A selfie. Admittedly, the photo is a montage of famous faces (incl. Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence) but regardless of whether you're an actor, president, or teen in your bathroom, we all enjoy taking one. Much media attention has been brought to the activity ("selfies are to…

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How to Vine - Six Steps in Six Seconds


How to Vine: Six seconds in six steps Vine is an ever-growing platform, now boasting an audience of over 40 million followers and part of the Twitter family. One of the most famous government Vines was a six second video of the South African flag being flown from outside Number 10 upon hearing the news…

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What to do when someone steals your content


If someone steals your laptop, you make an insurance claim. So what happens if someone steals your content? Furthermore, what do you do when someone steals your content, gets more likes and shares for it, and doesn't credit you in the process? Well, this morning I found out that had happened to me. Let's begin…

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What the Wall Street Journal wants from us


Yesterday morning, we joined a host of PR professionals across all sectors to listen to Sarah Marshall and Fiona Matthias from the Wall Street Journal give us an insight into the publication and how best to seed a story within it. What did we learn? Here are a few facts about the WSJ to get started: It's…

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Digital Stranger Danger - an emerging trend


Who watched #EducatingTheEastEnd last night? Did you see the young girl, Acacia, who was excluded from school for posting a picture of another girl topless on Facebook? What was shocking was her total lack of awareness, not only of what a hurtful thing it was to do, but also the potential implications – which, for an…

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Claremont scoop prize at the PRCA Awards

Four awards in four weeks

The team are absolutely ecstatic to have won the Public Sector, Value for Money Award for Tomorrow's Engineers Week 2013 at the PRCA Awards this week. Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is a national, government-backed campaign aimed at challenging the perceptions of engineering among young people, their parents and teachers. Adopting a Trojan horse approach, we worked…

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The Nativity Play - Claremont Style


Every parent in the land is instagramming their children's nativity plays like they are running out of bandwidth, and the media is tying themselves in knots about whether they should remain religious or include every angel, donkey and octopus.  I thought I would add my version of the nativity to this hotbed of drama and tinsel... of course with…

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Hot Tips to Survive the Winter


Let’s face it, January is quite depressing. Short days, waking up (and going home) in the dark, feeling sluggish after Christmas and having to scrounge around for the last few pennies are all contributing factors to why most of us just want to stay in bed. Although it won't make up for the season, here is the…

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Hot Tips to Survive the Winter (Part Two)


Following on from last week's post, I've created a few more tips to help get you through winter. Set yourself up for a good day. Treat yourself for getting up. Sounds patronising, but taking a nicer route to work, or grabbing a bagel or coffee on your way in can give you something to look…

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Should a social media network censor its content?

One Direction2

The biggest 'first world problem' that could possibly ever happen, happened last week. Zayn Malik, a fifth of the boy band One Direction and one of the '10 most influential British Asians', left, citing stress as a major factor in his decision to leave. So when One Direction's statement about Zayn leaving was published, the…

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Voting is daunting - give young people a break

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 18.05.51

A big pink bus didn't make me vote. Joey Essex interviewing various MPs was hilarious, but it didn't make me vote. Granted, I did have a peak at Jake Quickendon getting his kit off, but it didn't make me vote (and it's nothing knew, he does it all the time). Frankly, the stunts used this general election were quite patronising…

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Maisie's had her big moment, laugh and move on.


If you missed it yesterday, you might be reading about it this morning. Maisie's big moment seems to be getting bigger and bigger as her vine clip went viral yesterday. The video was meant to capture her meeting the queen and offering flowers, but as the video panned away, she was clipped over the head…

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Twitter Polls – how can they work in PR?

Polling station web op

At first, the introduction of polls on Twitter seemed to be just a bit of fun. However, last night I saw a poll that had over 19,000 respondents take part, tackling a serious issue that affects many women - catcalling. This has sparked a few questions, but also opened my eyes to the potential this…

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5 awesome things you wish you knew about BuzzFeed

I think everyone in comms has at some point thought what a great idea it would be to be/have their client featured on BuzzFeed - including the crew at Claremont. So we invited them down to our headquarters for a chat to better understand how the site works (much like a Gorkana event - except a bit more personal).…

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Being smart AND loud - telling the untold story #AfterSeptember11


Last weekend marked the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, in which 2,977 people died. The attacks were widely reported across the media at the time and it is still the most high-profile attack on a first world country ever. What hasn't been widely reported was the increase in Islamophobia in America in the 12 months following the attacks.…

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