Made By PR Apprenticeships: an event at Admirality House and an interview with the Deputy Prime Minister

Monica Wilson

Monica Wilson on Mar 14, 2013


Last night I attended the #MadeByApprentices exhibition for National Apprenticeship Week, held at Amirality House in Whitehall.

Apart from taking snaps of an amazing Aston Martin and gorging out on apprentice-made canapés, I got the chance to interview Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg!

From talking with him, the Deputy Prime Minister’s passion for Apprenticeships was clear. For me it reiterated the support for apprentices in our ever-changing economy.

4The idea that people take an Apprenticeship as a result of not being accepted into university has long gone and has been replaced by young people aspiring to become apprentices.

People have woken up to the overwhelming benefits of going the Apprenticeship route instead of taking a degree.

I feel incredibly proud to have attended this event and feel supported by both Claremont and the government to have taken the risk to become an apprentice!

National Apprentice Week 2013 runs from 11th to 15th March.