Melanie Arana

Junior Consultant

Melanie Arana

Melanie is a psychology graduate with a passion for understanding human behaviour. Her professional voyage started in market research, shaping brands, spearheading client engagements, and designing research projects across diverse sectors, from consumer goods to finance and telecommunications. Her adeptness in project management and skilful blending of quantitative and qualitative methodologies ensured the delivery of actionable insights to clients seeking to enhance brand relevance and differentiation. Melanie's in-depth statistical analyses, coupled with her capacity to integrate qualitative data and external resources, empowered her to craft impactful reports and deliver compelling presentations.

Melanie moved to London to pursue a MSc in Psychology of Economic Life, blending her knowledge of research with her passion for social work and sustainability.

Outside of work, Melanie can be found doing anything related to music: learning theory, singing, or jamming along to some tunes. She loves yoga and running, and getting together with her friends to eat fries.

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