Francesca Davis

Trainee Consultant

Franky studied Applied Biology at The University of Leeds and then went on to receive a post graduate diploma from King's College London in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health. She took a particular interest in the history, neuroscience, and psychology of marketing and advertising, and its impact on society.

After completing her Gold Duke of Edinburgh a few years ago she had the chance to meet Prince Philip, something she holds as her claim to fame!

Francesca's Blog Posts

Notre just any old cathedral

Notre-Dame was more than just a tourist attraction - it was, and still is, the symbolic icon of France. And so, when its 12th Century foundations surrendered to the flames last month the world held their breath.  This wasn’t just an economic loss, it was a historical, emotional and psychological one that echoed across the…

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Our Event! Cardiff, Croissants and Co-production

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our behaviour change briefing in Cardiff this morning; what a turn out! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did (despite the dreary weather). Thank you to The Life Science Hub Wales for hosting us (what a fantastic breakfast spread) and of course to our…

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Water’s this all about?

I stumbled across a review in the Telegraph the other day for the ‘Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder’. Ulla is a little plastic capsule attached to a band, which slips onto your water bottle. It blinks every 40 minutes if you aren’t drinking enough (the ‘optimal hydration interval’, apparently) and the only way to stop this…

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