Our Event! Cardiff, Croissants and Co-production

Francesca Davis

Francesca Davis on Sep 24, 2019

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our behaviour change briefing in Cardiff this morning; what a turn out! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did (despite the dreary weather). Thank you to The Life Science Hub Wales for hosting us (what a fantastic breakfast spread) and of course to our wonderful guest speaker Noreen Blanluet.

What Did We Cover?

We came to Wales to talk about co-production: what it is, when it’s used and why it’s important. Noreen explored examples of the use of co-production in Wales and closed with a perfect description – “co-production is a journey”.  We couldn’t agree more.

We shared examples of our own use of co-production, including developing campaigns around Universal Credit, contact lens care and cervical screening.

We also took a detailed look at some of our latest work with Save the Children that we’re extremely proud of, exploring the significance of integration, respect and transparency in co-production.

Final Thoughts

The continuous involvement of your audience is essential; whether it’s in the development of public policies and services, or communications and applying behaviour change. The audience have the voice and we are here to help them speak, “Remember, as communicators you have experience too, which is equally valid to their [your audience’s] lived experience.” (Ian Fannon, Campaigns Director at Claremont).

How could you incorporate co-production into your next campaign? Be open-minded. Take a risk. You’ll be surprised.

Where to next?

We’re off back to London now, but don’t worry if you missed our event this time because we have plenty more ideas brewing! Any thoughts about where we should go next? Let us know and we’ll get our bags packed!

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