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Lucy Proudfoot

Lucy Proudfoot on Apr 17, 2013

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In the earlier years of my career I could be found delivering work for a variety of large Dept, of Health and Home Office accounts tackling major youth issues – sexual health, knife crime, drugs awareness (Talk to Frank) and mental health.

I then switched roles to focus more on the social marketing side of things and began gathering insight into people’s behaviours and using that to inform communications strategies for clients.

As part of that work I am an experienced research facilitator and have worked with several NHS trusts to unpick the behaviours (motivators and barriers) of people and identify what affects their attitudes towards health campaigns – in turn helping to form recommendations to improve engagement with the campaigns.

I am a firm believer in the power of grass-roots and peer-led communications methods and interested in how we can use them to tackle social barriers and communicate about ‘taboo’ subjects – (much of which comes from days spent in community centres chatting about the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer)