Webinar: Preventing Violence, Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

Ben Caspersz

Ben Caspersz on Jul 14, 2023

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In this webinar we heard from experts in bystander theory and looked at some of Claremont’s recent work that’s taken a public health approach to police communications.

Our speakers presented a mix of theory and case studies and then took part in a Q&A panel discussion:

  1. The Power of PIE (Positive, Inclusive, Empowering) + the power of a social norms approach to influence
  2. ‘Are You Mate Enough?’ drink driving campaign case study
  3. Violence: young people’s perspective on what causes it and prevents it
  4. Perceptions of anti-social Behaviour

A big thank you to our panellists and speakers:

  • Graham Goulden, ex-police officer with Police Scotland, International Violence Prevention trainer and expert on bystander education and engagement
  • Beth Durham, Head of Communications at Sussex Police
  • Tim Wiseman, Communications Manager at Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit
  • Padraig Walsh, Behavioural Psychologist
  • Lucy Proudfoot, Associate at Claremont
  • Mikaela Green, Senior Consultant at Claremont
  • Emily Rayner, Senior Consultant at Claremont

We hope you enjoy this video + visit our Youtube for other briefings we’ve done over the last couple of years.