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Sketched-up trillion shows the power of pictures

At the G20 summit they did a deal on One TRILLION dollars. What does one TRILLION dollars look like? That’s one followed by twelve zeros. But what does that look like? This blogger used Google Sketchup to try to get a sense of what exactly a trillion dollars looks like. A packet of one hundred…

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10 Reasons I Really Should Be On Facebook

1. It's annoying to miss friends' birthdays.  Facebook would make this a thing of the past. 2. Facebook might be useful for cultivating business contacts. Not everyone's keen on Linkedin. 3. I wouldn't miss out on social meet-ups - which has happened a few times.  But, truth be told, that's not always been a bad thing.…

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Urgent Sri Lanka flood appeal - can you help?

By Ben Caspersz We have been hearing a lot about Brisbane and the landslides in Brazil, but now the scale and impact of the flooding in Sri Lanka is starting to emerge.  What's becoming clear is that the situation is very serious and huge numbers of people are in need of urgent help. My dad…

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Mapping the gap for Alzheimer's Society

The study made the top story on BBC News health section

The map helped drive the story to the top of the BBC News health section. Today the Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer's Scotland launch their “Mapping the Dementia Gap” study, and new partnership with Tesco, with a bit of help from the team at Claremont. Combining traditional health PR with digital, we’re showing the data behind the half…

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5 great data visualisations

NYT Osama bin Laden response

One of the things exciting us at Claremont right now is data visualisation (so much so that we're hosting a seminar on it this week, more to follow). Here's 5 data visualisation that show off what's possible. MySociety travel-time maps A real trailblazer this one. Nowadays open data is at the heart of government but…

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Spreading the word for Child Safety Week

It's been a frantic few weeks at Claremont Towers in the build up to the Child Accident Prevention Trust's annual awareness drive:  Child Safety Week. Our first story went live today - 'Autopilot Britain' - a survey of 5,000 people investigating the extent to which UK citizens are running their lives on autopilot. So far…

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Winning over hearts AND minds for the arts

[Picture courtesy of Dance United] Claremont has been working for some time with the Arts Alliance - an umbrella organisation for arts charities working in prisons and with offenders, be it with dance, theatre, poetry, painting, etc. These are tough times for the arts, tough times for charities generally.  As budgets are squeezed, charities are…

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Clicktivism doesn't pay the bills

What good has the Kony 2012 campaign achieved? It seems right to ask. Last week, Invisible Children released a thirty minute follow up video to its Kony 2012 campaign. Less a viral video than a lecture on the topic "Why we were right about everything," it is a storied tribute to the Facebook and Tumblr…

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It's official - Claremont is a top quality agency

Following a hefty auditing process, Claremont has been accredited with the PRCA's prestigious Consultancy Management Standard (CMS). For our clients and partners, this basically confirms that we do things properly - campaign planning, people development, financial management, systems for responding to client feedback and a whole bunch more. From a business development point of view…

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Campaign of the Month, March 2013: IF – Tackling Global Hunger

We all know that running a cutting edge campaign involves taking risks but you have to admire the bravery of campaigners that will walk through Westminster the day before the Budget, dressed as George Osborne, to make their point. The IF campaign is about getting enough food for everyone everywhere; because 870 million people go…

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Campaign of the month - Going All Out to challenge homophobia

After marching at Pride in Brighton, All Out’s campaign calling on the International Olympic Committee to condemn Russia's anti-gay laws caught my eye. A quick look at their website and I saw something really exciting; All Out has created a hub for a global social movement to challenge homophobia.  The campaign targeting the winter Olympics…

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