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Digital detox

Digital detox – is it really time we all switched off?

This morning, Ofcom published it’s annual Communications Marketing Report, an insight into how the British public use digital technology. And their headline finding is that 15 million internet users have taken a “digital detox” in a bid to strike a healthier balance between technology and life beyond the screen. The findings are interesting with many saying…

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360 Streaming – Liverpool FC Levelling The Football Field

If the closest you get to live football is turning up to the staff 5-a-side every other summer, then perhaps the prospect of 360° football streaming doesn’t really do much for you. But if you live in one of the 643 million homes that tune-in to watch the Premier League every season, then this represents…

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Don't be a Christmas scrooge - cyberteer!

Are you the next big thing in cyberteering?

It’s here! We are officially in December, so we can officially start talking about Christmas. To paraphrase Frank Cross in in the 1988 classic Scrooged, It’s Christmas! It’s the one time of the year when we all act a little nicer, we smile a little easier, we cheer a little more. For a short time out…

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Listen up: My first audio project

About seven months ago one of our long standing clients, OnePlusOne – a relationship research charity – got in touch asking for help to produce a strengthening relationships resource to support couples affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The project was funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and was part of a wider…

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What’s it like to use an Apple Watch?

It was an intriguing sensation the first time an Apple Watch tapped me on the wrist. This “Taptic” touch was between me and it alone; a private whisper rather than all the public dinging and ringing of a phone. Asked to test drive the Watch for the company (tough, I know) I found my body…

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Lunchtime at Exmouth Market

Exmouth Market scene

We’re playing around with some of our new video equipment, which we are very excited about. Here’s a sneak peek into our lunchtime options at Exmouth Market!

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