Lucy Witt

Senior Consultant

Lucy started her career working on Department of Health and Home Office campaigns tackling youth issues like sexual health, mental health, drugs and knife crime. Now she works across Claremont's issues-based portfolio with specialisms in behaviour change and creative development.

A keen foodie and cyclist, it is not unknown for Lucy to be up at the crack of dawn for a spontaneous mission to Billingsgate Fish Market.

Lucy's Blog Posts

Hi, I'm Lucy

In the earlier years of my career I could be found delivering work for a variety of large Dept, of Health and Home Office accounts tackling major youth issues - sexual health, knife crime, drugs awareness (Talk to Frank) and mental health. I then switched roles to focus more on the social marketing side of…

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What keeping cool in the heatwave can teach you about great comms

As this heat wave continues we’ve got our own internal campaign going on to try and keep the Claremont crew’s body temperatures below boiling point.  In doing so it dawned on me that the strategies we’re using to keep cool actually share many similarities with some of the key approaches used in a successful communications…

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Eating our way through the World Cup

Things are really hotting up in the Claremont kitchen Since the start of the World Cup 2014 people have been taking part in a cooking contest which challenges their geographical knowledge and international culinary skills as they battle it out to become ‘Claremont’s World Cup Bake Off ’ winner for 2014. Put that on your…

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World Cup Bake off: Round two

Following the success of last week's World Cup Bake off it's safe to say that the bar has been set at an almighty high. Our latest blog shows us how people fared in round two where we had four new countries battling it out to become this year's winner of Claremont's World Cup Bake Off.  Post Match analysis…

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How does digital innovation in newspapers affect our work?

At a recent talk the Deputy Head of Digital at the Times talked about the huge investments they’re making in digital innovation. The expansion of their digital team (including the recruitment of developers and data analysts); a new seating arrangement meaning the digital team is now sat in the main building working closely with the…

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A good example of bad email marketing

Take a look at this example of email marketing and our quick list of some of the key things to avoid when building your email campaigns: 1. Be accurate. They’re telling me that since signing up in 2009 I’ve mapped 10 runs and for this they’re congratulating me. I’m no personal trainer but even I…

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Going to a gig? Take a blindfold.

Have you ever worn a blindfold to a gig? No, neither had I until this autumn when at the launch event of RLSB’s first ever London without Limits festival about to listen to beatboxer Shlomo, London Contemporary Voices choir and Felix Buxton from Basement Jaxx. It was great…really, really great. Quite often at gigs you…

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How to get the most from your hackathon

Claremont recently hosted a hackathon for one of our clients – the Royal London Society for Blind People. It was one of many events that happened during London without Limits - a festival of fun, sensory events that helped to raise awareness of the challenges blind young people face on a daily basis. Some of…

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The power of a good story

If you’re a company wanting to make a serious impact, just doing good isn’t enough (although it’s a great start); you have to be good at demonstrating it too. Making story telling a crucial part of your communication strategy is a great way of helping you to stand out in a crowded market. For example,…

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Proud to have failed

We recently completed year one of an innovation project with Save the Children and National Literacy Trust where our challenge was to figure out how we could nudge parents to talk, sing and play more with their 0-3 year olds. We used our ‘labs’ approach to figure out what would work best. This meant we…

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