Ella Jenkins


Ella Jenkins

Ella is a UCL Psychology graduate, studying alongside Susan Michie, and has recently completed a Master’s in Organisational Psychology. Ella focused her postgraduate research on behaviour change within environmental psychology, and is Claremont's researcher-in-chief.

Over the past four years, Ella has developed extensive knowledge on how to spend too much money on food and drink around London.

Ella's blog posts


  1. Welcome to Nicky!

    Nicky is an award-winning communications consultant with 20 years’ experience in behaviour change communications, most recently leading social impact campaigns focused on youth, community and sustainability, for Starbucks EMEA. Nicky…

    Ella Jenkins

    Ella Jenkins on Jan 8, 2019

  2. Mind the ‘Green Gap!’

    Making sustainability at work contagious Most people are aware that we should all try to behave in an environmentally friendly way. However, research shows that there’s often a gap…

    Ella Jenkins

    Ella Jenkins on Jan 4, 2019


    We’re all fully aware of what behaviour is right? Behaviour is anything a person does in response to an internal or external event. Behavioural scientists have developed models to further…

    Ella Jenkins

    Ella Jenkins on Oct 2, 2018