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Reaching success through blogger outreach – 11 top tips

Blogger outreach. Long considered an effective means of getting your key messages out to a wider audience through a number of useful, influential folk to help spread your campaign. Outreach to bloggers (or other opinion leading individuals or communities) is generally a winner. But in my experience, it can often be ill thought-through, rushed or just…

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Has paid for media found its place in PR?

According to Mark Borkowski, renowned publicist of the UK’s top entertainment brands for over thirty years and founder of Borkowski.do – it always has. It’s just that it’s more professionalised now and PR has a bigger voice than before so we should be able to get a bigger piece of the pie. Mark Borkowski spoke…

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Batman never gets frustrated

Encouraging your child to pretend play can improve their concentration, perseverance and keep them calmer. Ever since our work with Save the Children, we’ve become a little bit obsessed with all things child development. Plus, we’re always keen to learn how we can better support parents to get it right. Why? Well, not only is…

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EAST: The four things you need to know about behavioural insights

How do you design a behaviour change campaign that is actually going to change behaviour?   If I told you that I’d have to kill you.   Just kidding. At Claremont, when it comes to behavioural frameworks, we don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. But we DO believe in learning from the best, and underpinning everything we…

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You can’t ignore a four year old

One of my favourite ads is this one by Transport for London: Is it effective in terms of behaviour change? I doubt if anyone can definitely say. But speaking as a passenger it’s just a heart-warming advert to be around. I’m sure that must also be the case for TfL workers who see the posters…

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