1. PR Picnic – You Are What You Eat

    About 300 years ago, René Descartes put forward the idea of “mind-body dualism”. In a nutshell, he suggested that our minds and bodies are distinct entities – ones that require…


    Ghost on Apr 27, 2016

  2. Claremont is IN!

    Europe is important to Claremont. With our client the Design Council, we worked directly for the European Commission on the pan-European ‘Design for Europe’ campaign. We’ve worked with European…

    Ben Caspersz

    Ben Caspersz on Apr 19, 2016

  3. World Kidney Day’s multiple voices

    Every year in March a global campaign aims to raise awareness of kidney disease and its impact around the globe. The day provides a huge opportunity for organisations with an…

    Emma Prince

    Emma Prince on Apr 15, 2016

  4. Listen up: My first audio project

    About seven months ago one of our long standing clients, OnePlusOne – a relationship research charity – got in touch asking for help to produce a strengthening relationships resource…

    Emma Prince

    Emma Prince on Mar 15, 2016